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Body Contouring

Body Contouring Treatment in Bangalore

Sofiyacare – your trusted partner for body contouring in Bangalore

How much ever you try, getting rid of fat from some portions of the body is very difficult and needs meticulous and rigorous exercises. Most of us don’t have the time to work out to that extent and yet would love to get rid of ungainly body fat. Body contouring is one technique that helps remove body fat that is accumulated in excess in certain areas. RF energy is used to target areas of stubborn body fat in areas such as the tummy that are typically resistant to diet and exercise. This treatment helps in a significant way when it comes to skin tightening and is especially helpful post pregnancy when losing that stubborn fat from your tummy seems virtually impossible! It also helps in smoothening the skin by removing cellulite (orange peel appearance of the skin).

At Sofiyacare, we use only the best in terms of technology and our body contouring machine works on a technology that is imported from Israel. Dr. Sofiya will assess your condition and recommend the number of sittings as per your condition and the area to be treated. Typically, areas such as the arms, abdomen, love handles, inner thighs, double chin and waist are targeting in body contouring. A session is done once a week and you may require anywhere between 6 to 10 sessions based on the nature of fat and the area targeted.

Body contouring is painless, comfortable and has no side effects and a person can resume normal activity as soon as the treatment is over. This treatment is meant for fat resistant areas and not recommended for people with excessive body fat. We conduct regular follow ups and our treatments have proven to be effective for numerous clients. We maintain extremely high safety and hygiene standards for after all; we are the best skin clinic in Bangalore!

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