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Intense Anti Aging Treatments

Wrinkles, sagging of the skin, drooping of eyelids and other such problems are a result of aging and wreak havoc with one’s self esteem. Sofiyacare offers premium anti aging and skin tightening treatments to help you get a complexion that is young and radiant. With the amount of pollution that the skin is exposed to today and the damage caused by UV rays, not to mention poor dietary habits and smoking, wrinkles are inevitable especially with advancing age. Read on to learn about our intense anti aging treatments that can help you achieve a younger looking skin!

Wrinkle Removal

Wrinkles are a common problem in today’s fast paced and highly stressful lifestyle. Sofiyacare offers a wide variety of treatment modalities to smoothen your wrinkles; we identify the best treatment option for your skin type and depending on the extent of wrinkles on your face, we counsel you on the treatment to be opted for. We employ the latest and state of the art lasers to combat wrinkles and aging problems. The heat emanating from the laser has the ability to induce the formation of collage, which helps in remedying aging issues, as skin sagging is a direct result of breakdown of collagen. We employ the following technologies as part of our wrinkle removal and skin tightening treatment for the face.

  • • Microneedle RF
  • • Non-ablative CO2 fractional
  • • Long pulsed Nd-Yag

Sofiyacare also offers muscle relaxing injections (like Botox) for those who want instant solutions, though Dr. Sofiya encourages to age gracefully without the help of injectable.

Microneedle Radiofrequency, a Collagen Stimulator

This is a premium anti aging treatment available used globally and we are the only clinic in India to offer this patented technology in the country. Sofiyacare has two machines for Microneedle RF- Scarlet and Active 313. Microneedle RF a superficial invasive procedure that offers corrective treatment for multiple aging symptoms such as drooping of eyelids, sagging of the skin, pigmentation, wrinkles and so on. The Active 313 machine imported from Israel is used for this treatment and it is one of the safest anti aging treatments in Bangalore. Scarlet is also used for the same purpose but Scarlet offers lower downtime while Active 313 can take few days to back to normal; the results will also vary. Active 313 also has additional advantage of RF delivery without the need of needle, which directly induces heat into the skin and helps specially in jaw refining, face liftin and double chin removal. Hence, depending on your preference, we will help you make the right decision.

Our professionals are skilled and trained to work with this state of the art machine and our treatment is sure to peel away a couple of years from your face! Microneedle RF is a very safe, effective treatment with low downtime. Depending on your skin type and severity of wrinkles, either of the machines will be used.

Nuskin Intense Anti Aging

This one of the most intense anti aging treatments and skin tightening treatment for the face available and it can be used for people above the age of 50 and those who have severely damaged thickened skin with obvious pigmentary changes. This is a non surgical procedure and employs fractional CO2 laser for skin rejuvenation. These lasers are adept at treating deep seated wrinkles, acne scars and even textural damages caused by exposure to the harsh rays of sun.

At Sofiyacare, we also combine the advanced CO2 fractional laser along with Microneedle RF and face shaping treatments that use RF to address multiple concerns. Special care is required for the skin post this treatment and Dr. Sofiya and her team will guide you with all the post treatment care and follow up regularly to ensure optimum recovery.

Deal with your aging problems with one of the best skin clinics in Bangalore – Sofiyacare!