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Rapid Acne Clearance


Upcoming social event while the face is affected with plenty of pimples can make you cringe at the prospect of attending social gathering. Thanks to our various treatment options at Sofiyacare, now you can get rid of your pimples in a short period of time.

Traditionally acne treatment needs at least 1-4 months to show visible clearance but now at Sofiyacare, we offer laser treatment which will help in settling your acne eruptions within 3 days! Not only the pimples will settle down rapidly but also the marks will lighten up in a short period of time. While the laser aids in rapid clearance of acne, our Scarlet Microneedle RF treatment offers treatment for both active acne and acne scars. Dr Sofiya Rangwala is an expert in acne care; consult her today to get your acne under control.