Skin Pigmentation Treatment
Treatment for Pigmentation on Face

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Treatment for Pigmentation on Face

Skin Pigmentation Treatment on Face

Sofiyacare – the best dermatologist in Bangalore for treating pigmentation problems!

The tropical weather conditions of India affects the skin color significantly. Lack of adequate protection from the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun can damage the skin visibly, in the form of melasma, freckles, lentigens and general tanning. All these constitute pigmentation irregularities.

A pigmentation irregularity takes away the glow from the face, making a person look much older than their actual age. The skin tends to look blotchy and make up only hides the un-even skin tone temporarily. Pigmentation needs to be eliminated gradually and effectively by a combination of different treatments and opting for the best treatment for pigmentation is essential to ensure that your skin looks and feels normal.

Sofiyacare has a range of pigmentation treatments comprising of our best seller Q Switch Nd-Yag laser, chemical peels and Vitamin C infusion treatments. Depending on your pigmentation level, your skin pigmentation treatment can be customised and we will advise you the best combination which will deliver effective results.

Visit us today to avail the best treatment for pigmentation on the face and say hello to bright skin color.

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