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Skin Clinic in Bangalore

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Skin Care Clinic in Bangalore

Are you worried about your skin? Consult the best dermatologist in Bangalore, Dr. Sofiya Rangwala to sport a skin that is beautiful and glowing!

People often neglect their skin and don’t take proper care of it. Given today’s harsh living conditions, there is a lot of exposure to skin stressors like pollution, dust and UV rays and without proper care, the end result is skin damage. Excessive tanning, acne, scarring, etc. happen and consulting a skin care clinic in Bangalore becomes inevitable. In such a scenario, it is advisable to choose the very best and Sofiyacare is the automatic choice for most people in Bangalore.

Sofiyacare offers a wide variety of services for treating skin and hair related problems such as acne, tattoo removal, skin lightening, reducing wrinkles and removal of unwanted hair. It is very important to get certain conditions treated by the best skin clinic in Bangalore as safety and ensuring that there are no side effects is very important. Dr. Sofiya is one of the best dermatologists in Bangalore for acne scars and goes to great lengths to make the patient feel at home and comfortable and even practises hypnotherapy to help those in need. At Sofiyacare, being the best skin clinic in Bangalore, we ensure that we keep pace with all the latest technological advancements and our clinic is equipped with the best in class facilities.

Service is yet another aspect to consider when choosing Sofiyacare. Our staff ensures that patients feel comfortable during the procedure and we keep in touch with them even after the treatment is completely done. We place a lot of emphasis on post treatment follow ups and care and ensure that the patient is completely fine and there are no complications. It is thus no wonder that we get repeat clients; we are one of the leading skin clinics in Bangalore.

Get the best in class skin treatment in Bangalore at Sofiyacare!

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