Acne scars treatment options

Acne is a condition which, sometimes leaves behind permanent memories, in the form of depressions on the face. These scars are permanent and do not fade off even with time. Thanks to technology, we now have the tools to improve the appearance of your skin, by diminishing the depth of the scars.

Why do acne scars appear?

Your skin has collagen in the dermis layer. Collagen along with other dermal structures, is responsible for the integrity and smooth appearance of the skin. When severe acne breakouts occur, collagen tends to break down due to severe inflammation, causing the dents and depressions in the skin. This breakdown of collagen is permanent in nature until a treatment is opted. The aim of all our treatment is to naturally stimulate the formation of collagen once again, so that the scars become less visible as they fade away and merge with the rest of the normal skin.

Modalities of treatment varies from dermaroller aided abrasion to high end laser treatment. I will briefly elaborate all options.

  1. Microneedle RF treatment:

This is a relatively new technology, and the safest of all the options. It is based on the delivery of radiofrequency energy through needles into your skin. Multiple sessions are needed for visible improvement to occur. The treatment is carried out once a month and roughly 6-8 sessions are needed for significant improvement. The number of sessions are decided based on the severity of the acne scars. At Sofiyacare, we use a high end machine, imported from Israel, which is very effective in combating even the toughest and deepest scars. Complications are almost none as we have not encountered any problems with our patients. Discomfort during the treatment is minimised with the use of local anesthetic cream and recovery time post treatment is roughly 3 days.

  1. CO2 Fractional Laser:

This is a commonly employed treatment, offered by laser skin clinics. It’s the second best treatment in my opinion. It’s a laser energy based treatment, unlike the microneedle RF which is radiofrequency energy based. However, there is always a risk of hyperpigmentation in CO2 fractional laser, but it can be avoided by judicious application of the right energy settings and proper care taken during and after treatment. I usually use this treatment for very severe scars and have got fantastic results. Recovery time post treatment is more than Microneedle RF treatment; usually takes up to 5 days.

  1. Dermaroller:

This is offered by those, who do not have the facility of high end acne scar improvement machines. I do not use this treatment, because the results are comparatively dismissal. Many sessions are needed.  A disposable, easily available instrument called as dermaroller is used, which induces mechanical injury to the skin. When the skin heals again, collagen is intended to form. But this is not a very controlled treatment and exclusively depends on the skill of the practitioner. Various dermarollers with varying needle sizes are available. For acne scar improvement, generally 2mm is preferred. I don’t employ this treatment as I have much better options, but for those who insist, we offer this also.

  1. Subcision: This is a very simple treatment, in which an ordinary needle is inserted into the acne scars, to break the adhesions formed due to fibrous bands. This can be either employed as it is or can be combined with any other acne scar treatment. Its painful and not needed if a person opts for machine based acne scar treatments.
  1. Microdermabrasion: This is a very gentle form of superficial exfoliation. Many beauty parlours offer this, but this is a complete waste for acne scar improvement! I strongly recommend not to waste your time and money on this, because it will yield no results. It does not cause any damage to your skin but is useless also. It’s an excellent treatment for gentle monthly exfoliation, to be used as a medifacial step.

Acne scar improvement takes time and you need to be patient to see visible results. At Sofiyacare, we have had extremely high success rate so far as all our patients have observed visible improvement.


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