Causes of acne are more than skin deep

Acne is a condition characterised by repeated breakouts in the skin, leading to brown spots and in severe cases, causes also scarring. Though the condition appears on the skin only, its causative factors are various and a person may have one or more of these causes. The main problem in acne is excess activity of oil glands and their blockage. Once the blockage of the oil glands occur, inflammation sets in, causing pain, redness and warmth over the acne spot. Eventually the acne spots breaks open, and heals by leaving behind brown spot or even a depression (scar). The various factors which cause excess activity of oil glands are discussed below.

  1. Hormones: Insulin, Insulin like growth factor (IGF-1) and androgens are the main culprits. Androgens are higher in concentration in those girls, who suffer from polycystic ovarian syndrome. While one cannot control the production of androgens; insulin and IGF-1 can be controlled by consuming healthy diet. These hormones also increase during excess stress.
  2. Diet: Diet very strongly impacts those who are prone to acne. Unhealthy diet, containing excess of sugar, carbs, fatty junk foods and dairy products. One should pay special attention to their diet and avoid the consumption of the mentioned food items. Instead consume more of vegetables, fruits and drink adequate quantity of water. Inclusion of green tea is also recommended.
  3. Stress: Stress has become a part and parcel of modern hectic schedules, which does not just affect the skin but entire human body, including emotional and mental health also. Stress causes imbalance of hormones and most people report to have almost overnight breakout due to excess work load and lack of sleep. The only effective and natural way to manage stress is regular exercise, meditation and yoga. Everyday, dedicate 30 minutes for your health and you will observe dramatic improvement in your over all health.
  4. Pollution, humidity and environmental factors: This is actually the least important factor and will worsen only existing acne. Dust and air pollutants only clog up the skin pores, which further aggravates acne.

Almost all the time, there is an underlying cause for acne, which is overlooked by most doctors. Treatment of acne goes beyond just treating the skin and when the actual cause gets addressed, acne will disappear for good!

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