Find your Skin type with a simple test

The choice of your skin care depends on the type of skin that you have. So, it’s very important that you know what type your skin is. There are ways of identifying your skin type, however, remember that skin texture changes according to the environment, your general health status and your age. Teens have the oiliest skin while elderly people have the driest skin.

Simple test:

After washing your face, wait for about 30 min to 1 hour. Then feel your facial skin.

1. Normal skin: Will still feel fresh and will not be greasy or stretchy.
2. Oily skin: Most people who are acne prone develop oiliness within 1 hour after washing their face. If you feel greasy or if your tissue paper shows oil blotting then clearly you have oily skin.
3. Dry skin: Feels dry, flaky and stretch right after washing. If the discomforts continues even beyond 30 mins then you have dry skin.
4. Sensitive skin: This is a special type of skin. Most people consider their skin to be sensitive which is not the case. Signs of sensitive are redness especially on the cheeks, intolerance to bright sunlight and most skin care products do not suit them easily. Your skin can be either dry sensitive or oily sensitive, though it is usually dry.
5. Combination type: The most common type. If you develop oiliness only on the forehead, nose and chin after 1 hour, then you have combination skin. A little tricky to deal with. In the next post, I will recommend the type of skin care needed for each skin type.

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