Healthy diet for healthy skin and hair is a must!

Most often people think that having certain foods will enhance the appearance of their skin. This is actually a myth, because your skin is a reflection of your inner health and is an integral part of your body. When body is healthy, skin will naturally glow with radiance. A person cannot be unhealthy, while have glowing skin! How can you expect a rotten banana to have bright yellow colour?

Maintaining healthy diet is essential, because it provides the much needed nutrients for optimum health. Skin, hair and nails are external parts of our body and so any problems with these structures indicate disturbance in your health.

So, what constitutes a healthy diet?

Healthy diet comprises of right portions of carbs, proteins and fats. Depending on your body type and frame, you will need a certain quantity of calories, which you can get it figured out with the help of a dietitian. I am outlying below few general guidelines on what to consume more often and what to avoid.

Good stuff:

  1. Fruits and raw vegetables: These are absolutely rich sources of vitamins and minerals. 2-3 servings of fruits and salad should be consumed on a daily basis. Seasonal fruits are the best, because they are appropriate for that particular season and will be grown organically.
  2. Nuts: Unsalted and non- roasted nuts, specially almonds are good for general health, which reflects in the form of shiny hair and radiant skin. Vitamin E is abundant in almonds. Soak a few handful almonds overnight, peel off the almond skin next morning and consume it for breakfast.
  3. Green tea: Green tea contains antioxidants and refreshes each time we consume it. Try to substitute it for your regular tea and coffee. Now adays, a lot of flavoured green teas are available in the markets, which you can try for variety and fun.
  4. Water: Nearly 70-75% of our body is mostly made up of water, and so its essential to consume enough water through out the day to keep the body well hydrated. When adequate water is not consumed, then over a period of time, skin will tend to appear dehydrated and dull. Drinking excess water is also not recommended. On an average, each person needs about 8-12 glasses of water but the need can vary depending on age, gender, body type, weather conditions and physical activity.
  5. Exercise: This is the last but not the least requirement. Working out daily for at least 30 minutes tremendously boosts your over all health, emotions and mental health. Sweating leads to release of body toxins and the blood flow into your skin shows up as a nice warm glow. Its mandatory to get some form of exercise done daily. If you do not like to do strenuous workouts, then even gentle yoga will do wonders for your health.

Bad stuff:

  1. Sugar: The single most detrimental to out health, which also causes accelerated ageing, obesity and diabetes is sugar. It is present in almost everything that we consume, specially soda drinks, Indian styled tea and coffee, sweets, bakery items and the list is almost endless! Be cautious of your sugar intake and reduce or avoid it, where ever its possible.
  2. Fried and junk foods: Leads to obesity, high cholesterol, acne breakouts and eventually bad skin texture. Avoid it as much as possible and if you wish to consume it, then have home made fried foods, which is prepared using quality oil.
  3. Alcohol and smoking: Alcohol causes dehydration and so all effects of dehydration will show up on skin. Under eye bags and puffiness of face is commonly observed in alcoholics due to water retention. Nicotine causes collagen breakdown, leading to wrinkles and early ageing.
  4. Excess of dairy products causes acne eruption. The commercial production of dairy products involves hormonal injection, which gets indirectly consumed by humans also.
  5. Processed foods: Anything that is ready to eat and has an expiry date, should be avoided. All artificial colouring and flavouring agents have potential to cause allergies, which present as hives. They are loaded with excess calories, which are devoid of nutrition and hence should be best avoided or limit your consumption.

Remember always, your skin and hair is an integral part of your body and it cannot and should not be treated separately. Live healthy and enjoy beautiful skin.

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