How to choose your skin care product based on your skin type?

The type of product that you use depends on the type of your skin, which was covered in the last post. This is important for optimal results and so that the skin does not break out.

Normal skin:

  1. Lotion based moisturizers.
  2. Use toner only once in a while. Toners can dry out the skin so use occasionally.

Dry skin:

  1. Cream based moisturizers.
  2. No toner.

Combination skin:

  1. Use gel or lotion based moisturizer.
  2. Use toner only on T zone areas.

Oily skin:

  1. Usually no moisturizer needed but you can use gel based light moisturizer followed by gel based sunscreen.
  2. Use toner at the end of the day.

Sensitive Skin:

  1. Special moisturizers meant only for sensitive skin. Never experiment with your skin care products. If something suits you then stick with it.
  2. Toner to be completely avoided.

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