Restore the Smoothness and Shine to your Frizzy Hair

Frizzy hair can make hair appear unruly and difficult to manage. For healthy and shiny hair, try the following recommendations.

1. Hair oil:
Yes, our mothers and grannies have always vouched for hair oils, yet we dismiss them. Time to make use of the old tradition to beat dry hair. Oil your hair 30-60 mins before you shampoo them. You can also apply hot towel on oiled hair for better penetration. Oil nourishes and moisturizes the hair. Try the new Dove hair oil or simply good old fashioned coconut or almond oil.
2. Conditioner:
Apply good quality rinse off conditioner after shampoo is washed off. Take care to apply conditioner only on the hair and not scalp as it will make the scalp sticky. Keep conditioner on hair for a good 2-3 minutes. Conditioner replenishes the hair with the moisture lost due to cleansers in the shampoo.
3. Hair Serum:
If your hair feels dry and frizzy even after conditioner, then you can apply hair serum on towel dried hair. Hair serum is non sticky and will help give a glossy effect to hair.
4. Avoid ironing your hair or using hair dryers on high temperature. These techniques only make your hair more dry and frizzy. Instead, use hair dryer at lower temperature just for about 2 minutes and let the hair dry naturally as far as possible. Us heat protection hair spray before drying or styling your hair.
5. Avoid using hair sprays and hair gels. These products are damaging for your hair. If you use hair colour, then you must follow regular oiling of your hair to keep them moisturized.

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