Ways to decrease Body Odour

Your sweat is actually odor-less! It’s the bacteria on the body which breaks down the sweat into smelly particles.

Ways to decrease body odor:

1. Take showers twice daily, specially wash the under-arms, in between the thighs and under the breasts (for women) with an antibacterial soap. Avoid using anti-bacterial soaps for rest of body as it causes dryness.
2. Wear cotton inner wear and cotton clothes. Synthetic clothing helps to retain the sweat on the skin and encourages bacteria to multiply. Also, avoid repeating same clothes. Sweaty clothes contain bacteria, which will nullify your bath as soon as you put them on and will cause rapid multiplication of bacteria on your skin.
3. Anti-perspirant or deodorants?
Anti-perspirant helps in controlling sweat and deodorants just mask the smell. Depending on how much you sweat and how severe is your body odor, you can decide between the two. Anti-perspirants help to keep your under-arms feel fresher for longer duration.
4. Drink more water if you sweat too much, to replenish your body so that you do not get dehydrated.
5. Certain foods like garlic, ginger and certain spices accentuate body odor. Though they are good for your health, you can reduce the intake and observe if it helps in reducing your odor.

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