Why Do Weight Loss Diets Don’t Really Work?

When trying to lose weight, do not crash your diet! That’s the worst thing that you can do and this will only hamper your long term weight loss plan. There are many diets which promise you instant/rapid weight loss. But do you know what you really lose? It’s just water and muscle mass!! Do not get fooled by what you see on the weighing scale. Do not fall for diets. Read on the explanation…

There is something called as ‘Resting Metabolic Rate’ or ‘Basal Metabolic Rate’ abbreviated as RMR or BMR. This is the rate at which your body burns calories normally, even when you are sleeping. The higher the BMR/RMR, the more fat loss occurs. Please do not confuse with BMI (Body Mass Index)

Your body needs a certain number of calories on daily basis, for normal functioning like breathing, digestion, purification (kidney and liver) and so on. When you drastically cut on your calorie intake, your body goes into ‘starvation mode’. Your body is pre-programmed to preserve fat in case there is scarcity of food. Body does not know that you are purposely trying to feed it less! Hence, your body will perform its functions using less calories and try to hold on to body fat even more dearly! BMR eventually crashes too and drastically reduces.

You will notice some initial weight loss, but that will be mostly due to muscle wasting. Muscle wasting is again the worst thing that can happen as it is a known scientific fact that the more muscle that you have, your body tends to burn more calories at resting level and you will have lesser fat. The more muscle mass that you have, higher will be your BMR. The opposite is also true, that lesser the muscle mass, lower the BMR. This is another reason why trainers always emphasize on weight training and encourage to build muscle.

Solution for losing weight by calorie reduction?

1. DO NOT CRASH YOUR CALORIE INTAKE SUDDENLY! Slowly, decrease your calorie intake every day.
2. Perhaps cut down on the evening snack that you have regularly.
3. Cut down on tea/coffee which contain excess sugars.
4. Stop the cola right away.
5. Cut down on dairy products.
6. Stick to your normal meals. If you have a tendency of eating in excess, then reduce your portions slowly.

Let the body get used to the decrease in calorie gradually. Eat frequently every 2-3 hours but low calorie foods. Try having more of proteins and reduce carbs for some time. Fats are essential too so have it in the form of almonds, walnuts, olive oil etc. If you can include exercise plan, it will boost your BMR further and help you reach your goals sooner.

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