Winter Care for Skin

Winter is the time of the year, when the humidity levels drop significantly, which cause the skin to become dry. One should take special care during the winter, so that skin remains soft and supple. Dry skin tends to appear dull and wrinkled. I am sharing few tips on how to manage skin during the winter.

  1. Apply a light oil on your body before you take bath. You can apply coconut, olive or sesame oil. Oil forms a gentle barrier between the harsh effects of soap/water and skin. This is especially important if the water supply is hard water from boring wells.
  2. Minimize your bath duration and keep them as short as possible. Do not indulge in long baths as the drying effect of water will damage the skin. Do not use very hot water as that damages the skin too. Use sparingly warm water which feels just comfortable.
  3. You can also add a few drops of oil like Olemessa oil in your last rinse. This will leave behind a moisturizing film on your body.
  4. Use a mild soap, preferably liquid soap. Use soap also sparingly, specially on the legs and hands. Soap cleansing is more important in the folds like under arms, groin and under the breasts because in these areas bacterial growth occurs and leads to odor.
  5. Immediately after bath, apply a generous amount of thick cream or even plain petroleum jelly. You will feel sticky for sometime but as the skin absorbs the moisturizing agent, your skin will feel soft and comfortable. Lotions are useless as the effects disappear after a few hours and skin tends to feel dry again.
  6. Wear cotton clothes and keep yourself protected from excessive wind and sun exposure.
  7. Consume almonds, flax seeds and healthy nutritious diet daily to keep your body healthy, which will reflect in healthy skin and hair as well.
  8. Lips also tend to get dry and chapped. Apply a rich lip balm or chap-stick, through out the day. Women who like to wear lipsticks should avoid matt lipsticks completely and instead opt for gloss.
  9. Hands and feet are usually ignored. Massage a good rich cream specially formulated for hands and feet at night and leave it on. You can also wear socks some nights so that the cream works better on your cracked feet. Moisturex cream is a very good brand for hand and feet care.
  10. Drink plenty of water, even if you don’t feel thirsty. Lack of water causes dehydration and leads to further dryness of skin.

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