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Do you feel uncertain about which service is suitable for you? We will help you understand your concerns and guide you towards choosing an appropriate treatment protocol so that you can achieve the best possible results.

Each condition needs to be treated specifically and depending on your skin type, your treatment will be tailored. We have listed below various concerns which trouble most people. If your concern does not feature here, then please send us email on with details of your concerns and we will give you a briefing on what we can do for you.

  • I have dark lips

    We offer lip lightening treatment using the Q switch Nd Yag laser, which helps in significant lip lightening in about 3-5 sessions. Each session is spaced at a gap of 1 month. Appropriate lip care will also be advised to you by Dr. Sofiya Rangwala.

  • I have white patches on my body

    White patches or leukoderma or vitiligo is a medical condition, which causes significant distress and embarrassment in the society. At Sofiyacare, we offer phototherapy from USA. Our machine is more effective than locally manufactured machines and will deliver results in fewer sessions.

    Allopathic treatment protocol combined with phototherapy delivers better results than any one given as a stand-alone treatment.

  • I have unsightly thick scar tissue or keloids

    Keloids are over active scar tissue which is most commonly present on the chest. These are painful, embarrassing and unpleasant to look at.

    Keloids cannot be completely removed but we have treatment options, which will help to flatten them out.

  • I have under-eye circles

    Under eye circles or panda eyes go hand in hand with stressful work life, involving long hours in front of the computer and late night outs.

    We offer treatments for reducing dark circles, which are mild enough for the delicate eye area and effective too. A range of treatments like laser, chemical peels and microcurrent are available at Sofiyacare.

    Sometimes, there may be underlying causes for dark circles, for which we will recommend blood tests.

    You will also be advised on how to take good care of your eyes for maintenance.

  • I have undesired hair on the face and body

    Laser hair reduction using latest technology

    Undesired hair can cause substantial distress to both women and men alike.

    Men who have excess and thick hair can now enjoy laser hair reduction. If you have thick hair over the chest or back or you are simply tired of shaving frequently your beard and want respite from the daily ordeal, then laser is the answer to your concern.
    Women, who are battling with undesired hair, need to be evaluated for an underlying hormonal imbalance and we provide appropriate suggestions along with laser treatments. Waxing, threading and shaving are temporary options and need to be carried out frequently. Ingrowths and burns are common nuisances, which occur with waxing.

    Threading of the face can lead to infections like molluscum contagiosum transmitted by the infected thread. Shaving causes superficial cuts and darkening of the skin due to frictional irritation to the skin.
    Laser is the best and only permanent solution for undesired body hair. With regularly paced out sessions of laser hair removal, using the latest Diode and/or Nd-Yag laser, you can expect to get hair reduction significantly. We have the best in class US FDA approved lasers, which offer the best results with absolute safety. While all other clinics have only either of the lasers, we have both lasers and depending on the skin and hair type, the laser will be decided for you. Also be assured, that the charges will not vary according to the laser advised. We believe in delivering results at affordable and competitive cost.
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  • I want my skin to get fairer with a lasting glow.

    Fair skin with glow.

    Fair skin with a natural glow is what most people desire. We understand your desires and so we offer state of the art, Fair skin laser using the latest Q-Switch Nd Yag technology; which miraculously gives visible results just after first session! This laser systematically and efficiently destroys melanin pigment and lightens up skin and facial hair immediately. Over the next 1 week following the treatment, you can observe further improvement. With multiple sessions, the skin colour gets lighter and more even. Coupled with additional treatment like MesoRadiant or SkinBoost, we enhance the effects of the FairSkin laser

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  • I have a tattoo/birth mark, which I want to get removed

    Tattoo removal/Birth marks removal

    Tattoos and birth marks can be lightened up with multiple laser sessions. Significant results can achieved in about 5-6 sessions spaced at an interval of 1 month. Black/brown/grey/dark green tattoos respond well to laser removal. We use state of the art powerful Q-switch Nd Yag laser to destroy the pigments deposited deep into your skin.

    Consult Dr. Sofiya Rangwala for more information.

  • I want regular facials according to my needs

    Sofiyacare Facials.

    We analyse and understand your skin in depth. Depending on your skin needs, we customize each facial steps and offer what is needed for your skin, Our facials are scientifically designed and delivered using best in class instruments. We use best quality products, which are safe for even sensitive skin type and are effective too.

    There are luxurious facials, designed for those who want to experience enhanced relaxation. Try our one of our facials and we assure you that you would want to experience it again!

  • I have pimples and marks on my face and back

    Pimples or medically known as acne, is a recurrent and chronic condition, which results in brown marks. Acne is a medical condition and needs expert attention. The longer you will ignore it, the worse it will get and your face will virtually never be free of it, as the marks left behind the acne lesions take long time to fade away.

    It is best to control acne at early stages for a clear youthful skin. At Sofiyacare, our approach is holistic in which you will be advised on your diet and routine care of your skin, along with Allopathic approach of acne treatment. Depending on the severity of the acne, treatment will be customized.

    We have procedures like chemical peels and laser for treatment acne quickly. The chemical peels used are the best quality Neostrata Peels imported from US. These peels offer high standards of improvement and safety.

    Post acne, brown spots can be treated by a varied choices of treatments like chemical peels such as glycolic acid peels, mesotherapy or superficial laser peels. We also have best in class, Q Switch Nd Yag Laser, which targets specifically the melanin pigment and helps in clearing residual marks effectively and quickly.

    Severe cases of acne, which leave behind deep pits and scars, can cause substantial lack of confidence. Scars can be addressed by various procedures. We have all modalities of treatment for scars treatment ranging from microdermabrasion, dermaroller and CO2 fractional lasers. Depending on the severity of your scars, appropriate treatments will be suggested to you.

  • I am getting married and want to have a naturally radiant glowing skin

    It's natural to want to look your best as all eyes will be on you. Leave it to our care and we will ensure that you are absolutely glowing with radiance and have a clear skin on your great day. While makeup will definitely help you look appealing, nothing beats the natural healthy glowing skin.

    We offer packages depending on your requirement. There are packages for both male and female. It's better to plan early so that we have sufficient time to address all your issues. Don't have time? No worries. We will still offer the best possible in the time that you have on hand. We offer treatments like MesoRadiant and FairSkin Laser, which are specially aimed at enhancing your skin. Your skin will be analyzed systematically and all your concerns will be addressed. A customized treatment plan will be worked on so that you are ready in time.

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  • I have stretch marks, which were left behind after pregnancy/ losing weight

    There are no effective creams or treatments available for stretch marks, until the advent of CO2 Fractional lasers.

    We have the state of the art CO2 fractional laser for treating unsightly stretch marks. Be it post pregnancy or due to weight changes, you can now hope to get smoother skin.

    Accident scars can also be treated, no matter how old they are. Along with the treatment, appropriate creams will also be suggested to compliment the treatment.

  • I am beginning to see fine lines and wrinkles. My skin looks dull and blotchy

    Early signs of aging like fine wrinkles if treated early enough will prevent further deepening of the lines. We have various treatment options like superficial CO2 laser peels to dermabrasion, which helps to reverse the aging signs. Depending on what type of treatment you opt for, results will vary and few sessions are required to see visible results.

    We also offer Photofacial coupled with microdermabrasions. When these treatments are done at regularly spaced intervals, your natural collagen starts to build up naturally, which helps in contracting open pores and helps in firming the skin.

    However, if you are in a hurry and have just one week in hand to erase your lines, then Botox is the answer to your problem.

  • I have aged skin and deep wrinkles. Is there any option other than Botox and Fillers?

    While Botox and Fillers are good options to add volume and erase wrinkles, these are injectable and lose their potency over few months time. The effect of Botox lasts for 4-6 months and Fillers last for 8-9 months. You need to regularly get these treatments done to maintain your youthful appearance. However, there are other treatment options, which give lasting results.

    We offer CO2 fractional laser and Scarlet microneedle RF treatment. These treatment options stimulate your natural collagen which firms up the skin. These also help to get rid of age spots and pigmentation.

  • I am young but have wrinkles around my eye

    These lines which are commonly known as crow�s feet are fine lines that are visible near the outer corners of the eyes and forehead.

    With the use of muscle relaxing Botox injection, we can relax the muscles around the eyes, thereby effectively removing the fine lines. You can also opt for other treatments, which have slower but lasting results.

    Consult Dr. Sofiya Rangwala for appropriate suggestions.

  • I have uneven skin color and my face looks darker than before

    Be it any kind of pigmentation, from post inflammatory acne spots, sunspots or freckles to deeper melasma concerns, we address all kinds of hyper-pigmentations.

    Sofiyacare is the only proud owner in India to have Helios 3 laser, which operates using Q Switch Nd Yag technology. This laser blasts the most resistant and deep pigments also. It helps to even out skin color, skin texture and gives a flawless skin. It can be used in the most sensitive areas and the areas of body with thick skin.

    We also offer powerful yet safe chemical peels and mesotherapy treatments which helps in lightening the skin significantly.

    Along with everyday home skincare, we will advise you the right kind of facial treatment suitable for your needs.

  • Hair fall and thinning hair

    Both men and women equally suffer with premature hair fall and hair thinning. If this concern is addressed early enough, then hair reduction can be minimized and lost hair can be regenerated, provided the hair roots or follicles are still viable.

    We offer Mesotherapy which is administered in the form of injections, containing minoxidil, hair growth factors and stem cells. 6-10 sessions are needed for visible improvement in hair fall growth and as less as 2-3 sessions are enough for arresting hair fall rapidly. Each session is spaced at an interval of 1 week.