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Sofiyacare Skin and Hair Clinic offers premium services which meets the needs of various skin concerns and skin types. Whether you are looking for skin brightening or maintenance facials or solutions for more severe problems like pigmentation and skin sagging, we have it all. We analyse your skin using a digital analyser, which gives a detailed and magnified view of your skin at high resolution. Fine lines, pigmentation and all kinds of flaws can be analysed in great depth and documented. Our systematic approach helps in customizing treatments exclusively tailor made for you, so that you get results which are meant for your skin type. Our best seller FairSKin Laser is one of a kind in India as we are the one of the few and first proud owner of the ultimate Helios-III Q-Switch Nd Yag Laser. This service gives instantly visible brightening and fairness effect in just a single session. You have to experience it to believe it as it is simply magical! Sofiyacare is also the proud and only owner of the RadioFrequency Facial and Body Shaping device, Active 311, which is imported from Israel. Active 311 is the ultimate anti aging device which corrects all signs of aging. It helps in both face and body firming.

Sofiyacare Skin and Hair Clinic also offers hair fall solutions. Our best seller MesoHair service rapidly controls hair fall in 2-3 weeks.

Our speciality is not just in cosmetic dermatology but also clinical dermatology. We are dedicated in diagnosing and treating any kind of skin disease. Sofiyacare offers both full body and targeted phototherapy to treat chronic skin conditions like psoriasis, eczemas and vitiligo. Our clarity of thought process enables us to make accurate diagnosis so that appropriate treatment can be administered.

Visit us today and have a professional dermatological experience with our expert dermatologist Dr. Sofiya Rangwala.