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Acne and marks treated.

I went to Sofiyacare for pimples. Dr. Sofiya gave me tablets and creams for 1 month. All my pimples cleared and face was good. Then i took Microcurrent and Laser Peel for removal of marks and pimples and few days later, my face was glowing and no marks. All my friends are complimenting me a lot. Doctor is very good. She takes care of the patients. Prices were within my budget. I highly recommend Sofiyacare.

Pallavi B (September, 2016)

Pigmentation gone.

I`m very much happy at Sofiyacare Clinic for their Awesome service. Environment is too good and the service they provide is excellent. When I came to Dr. Sofiya my skin was fully tanned. And then she suggested me Fair Skin Laser Peel Facials and Vit C Infusion. After taking few session I found dramatic results. Now my skin is smooth and glowing. I still would like to continue with the same service what Doctor have suggested. Staffs at Sofiyacare are Good friendly and very helpful. Thanks to Christy and Shashi. I would recommend the clinic to all.

Mohan Babu (August, 2016)

Very satisfied with all services.

I have been visiting Sofiyacare for over a year regularly and am extremely satisfied with the treatment and consultation. The staffs are extremely courteous and helpful and make the experience each time very pleasant. I would without any doubt recommend this clinic to all my acquaintances.

Vandan Kachroo (June, 2016)

Vitiligo patches treated

I waited for a long time to take correct suggestion about Skincare clinic. I tried in 2 hospitals but Vitiligo White patch not reduced. Finally I found one of the best Skincare clinic. Here treatment therapy was excellent. Staffs were kind and helpful. After having 3 packages of targeted Photo therapy, my white patches were completely reduced. I would like to recommend Sofiyacare clinic.

Mahipal R (April,2016)

Tattoo gone!

I am very happy with the result. I underwent Tattoo Removal treatment skin. After my tattoo removal, skin is very good and no patches and no scars. Really happy. I would recommend everyone.

Jasmanpreet Kaur (March, 2016)

Pimples and marks all gone! Doctor is excellent.

I went to Sofiyacare for pimples. Dr. Sofiya gave me tablets and creams for 1 month. All my pimples cleared and face was good. Then i took Microcurrent and Laser Peel for removal of marks and pimples and few days later, my face was glowing and no marks. All my friends are complimenting me a lot. Doctor is very good. She takes care of the patients. Prices were within my budget. I highly recommend Sofiyacare.

Pallavi B.M (February, 2016)

Sensitive skin treated finally. Much thanks for Dr Sofiya.

I have a sensitive skin accompanied by low immunity because of which I often experienced Skin rashes/ Allergic reactions etc and was literally tired of all the medications over the last 20 years. I visited Dr. Sofiya once and that was it! :-) Big thanks to her. I`m very grateful to her for all the advise and help.

Johnson (December, 2015)

Professional care.

I consulted Dr. Sofiya for skin tag treatment and I am amazed at the results. I am currently undergoing hair treatment at her clinic. The results have been fantastic. I found Dr. Sofiya to be very caring and knowledgeable in her domain. I was impressed by the equipment and setup of the clinic. The staff was very professional as well. I strongly recommend Sofiyacare for ones dermatology needs.

Sanjay Sharma (November, 2015)

Mole removed with excellent results

Like all others even I had the great experience, the way the Doctor treats the patients is in a very friendly manner. I consulted the clinic for mole removal, and i got a very good results without any pain and scars. She will charge a reasonable price when compared to Reputed Hospitals in this Bangalore. Finally i would like to say that u can trust them, visit if u need any kind of treatment and i can assure u that u can get rid of your problems.

Mala Shree (October, 2015)

Fair skin laser is the best treatment ever!

I had very dark skin with lot of pimples and marks and I was not getting married. I was very depressed with the way I looked and after seeing many doctors, I was not getting any results. I heard about Dr Sofiya from my friend and I started taking fair skin laser treatments at Sofiyacare. I have taken 6 sessions so far and also vitamin infusion. My pimples have cleared up, my marks have gone and my skin looks much fairer than before. Dr Sofiya also encouraged me to take care of myself and she motivated me which helped my self confidence so much. I am very happy with the results and strongly recommend anyone who wants to look fair. They have the best lasers and very clean clinic. Staff is very friendly and kind. They take very good care of their patients. Thanks Dr Sofiya for changing my appearance.

Shreya (September, 2015)

Best clinic ever visited!

Dr. Sofiya is a down to earth, extremely caring & friendly Dermatologist who gives you a patient hearing, goes to the root of the problem & explains the diagnosis thoroughly . I was suffering from acute Acne Vulgaris (both marks & live ones) on my face & back for around 5 long years. Although I had treatment before at a popular clinic & by other doctors, results were not as per expectations! My confidence was suffering & I had almost given up hope of recuperating! My treatment at Dr. Rangwala`s Sofiya Care - Skin & Hair Clinic commenced from February, 2014 onwards & I`ve seen incredible improvement in my condition so far. My acne is fully gone & marks have considerably improved (face full clear, back much lighter). For my acne treatment, I had undergone a combination of oral medications, topical cream applications, chemical peels & most importantly Fair Skin Laser (most advanced laser in its class). All this attacked the root cause & here I`m finally free of a pestering condition finally!! Believe me, Fair Skin Laser works like magic & you can see the results so fast!! Her clinic has the best in class, imported & advanced equipments which are not available anywhere else in India (many of them). Another treatment I had undergone was Scarlet. This is a very advanced treatment & was to fill the depressions in the face skin left by acne & also to address the marks. After 2 sessions, their is visible improvement. I have also undergone other treatments during this period like a cyst removal operation from my back & molluscum removal at her clinic & it all went of well as usual. I`ve strongly trusted her & am more than happy with the outcomes & can`t thank her enough! Her clinic looks fab & her staff is extremely courteous. Over the course of my treatments, she has become more of a friend & well wisher & given this relation, I can trust her blindly. This is another magical thing about her. She exudes confidence & personality which puts you at total ease & makes you comfortable before any treatment. Doctor Rangwala goes all out to ensure your comfort & care during & post treatment. It is not merely routine but has lot of human element to it.To top it all up, her knowledge of Dermatology is indeed commendable. I strongly recommend Dr. Sofiya Rangwala to everyone. If you are suffering from any kind of skin concerns, she is one of the best Dermatologists around....

Aniruddha Dey (August, 2015)

Hair fall treated

I was having severe hair fall and dandruff. I took mesotherapy hair treatment and I am very happy with the results. My hair fall stopped significantly just after 2-3 sessions and after 7 sessions, I noticed visible hair growth. I am also taking hair growth tablets. Very satisfied with the treatment

Babita (July, 2015)

Acne scar improved

I had bad acne scars because of severe acne problem in my teen days. I had taken dermaroller at Kaya Clinic but it did not give any results. Now at this clinic, I took Scarlet treatment and I see very visible results after 3 months. It is a great treatment and very affordable also. I like the doctor also and she is very gentle and kind in nature.

Cindy (May, 2015)

Effective laser hair removal

I took laser for hair removal. After 2 sessions, my hair is much less now and growth is also very slow. I am very happy with the results Doctor does the laser and staff is very polite and professional. Appointment was also easy to get. Highly recommend everyone.

Akanksha Gupta (April, 2015)

Black patches gone and skin is glowing

I had black patches and pimples all over my face. I took treatment from Dr Sofiya. And now my skin has improved and feels smooth. My skin is very much glowing also. I would highly recommend anyone to Sofiyacare.

Anu (February, 2015)

Tanning gone in one laser session.

I had bad tanning on my face as I love to ride long distance. My face skin colour was so much darker than my body and I was not happy. I took 5 sittings of fair skin laser treatment. My tanning went away. My face is very bright and fair again. Sofiyacare has best machines in Bangalore. I check with other clinics but everyone have only chemical peels. Sofiyacare laser is excellent. Thanks to the staff and I highly recommend everyone who want to be fair.

Shami (December, 2014)

Chronic Acne Cured

" Dr. Sofiya Rangwala cured my daughter`s chronic acne problem. She is young, vivacious, knowledgeable, straight forward, active listener, clear and precise communication and she consults for a good amount of time with patients. "

Alok Gupta (November, 2014)

Awesome Experience

" Awesome.. Very happy with consultation. "

Viswaradhya (September, 2014)

Range of so many services!

" They have so many services for Skin brightening that I was confused. Doctor suggested me according to my budget. I have taken two sessions and I see some improvement "

Janvi (August, 2014)

Resistant Infection Treated. Highly Recommend Dr. Rangwala!

" I highly recommend Dr. Sofiya for Skin Consultation. She is an expert in her field. In my case she was extremely good in - 1. Diagnosis of infection 2. Proper treatment of Skin. She is very caring, reliable, enthusiastic for her work, spends good enough time to listen to one`s queries and keen to provide best possible solution which clearly reflects in the consultation.. "

Varun (June, 2014)

HydraFacial Experience Very Satisfying.

" Very satisfied with the service at Sofiyacare. I took Hydrafacial. It was so relaxing and gave me instant glow. Prices are also less than other.. Amazing clinic "

Maya (April, 2014)